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Master of Excellence in Mathematics, applied to modelling in sciences

The development, the theoretical and the numerical treatment of mathematical models is becoming  more and more important in many fields, like natural sciences and engineering sciences but also biology, chemistry, environmental sciences and more recently the medical science.
The MAM program is an International Master’s degree, supported by the internationally renowned research laboratories of each partner with professional orientation.

Years: 2 over 4 semesters (120 ECTS)

Courses: Taught in each university and coordinated by a common Steering Committee.   A core of introductory courses is common to all the universities of the program. The selected courses will be chosen by each university according to the local scientific research activity. Courses cover mathematical analysis, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, optimal control, probability, statistics and their applications (modelling, numerical analysis, scientific computing).

Master thesisDone in semester 4 (30 credits), mandatory, possibly done in a company.

 Lecture languages: English.

Mobility  and  Diploma:  Each  student  will  spend  at least  one  semester   in  one  of  the  other partner universities. A double master degree, from both the enrolment and the mobility institution is delivered.

Tutoring: A tutoring system for each student, assigned to a teacher of the enrolment university is in place.


The  aim  is  to  give  students  a  solid  background  in  mathematical  analysis  with  such  applications  as  numerical methods and scientific computing, mathematical modeling, optimization.


Jobs in industry and service companies or enrolment in a Ph.D. program in applied mathematics.

Admission for Application

Bachelor in Mathematics or Engineering, high level of English


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